Raffi Magarik

I’m a recent college grad, about to spend a year (or so) learning in a yeshiva in Israel. I blog about texts. I love Psalm 126, Moby-Dick, and Dorothy Parker’s book reviews.

In college, I wrote movie reviews for the Yale Herald, a few of which are online: “The Ghost Writer,” “An Education,” “The White Ribbon,” and “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” A piece of personal nonfiction, “Which Side are You On,” was published in the Yale Daily News Magazine, and my short story “Though He Goes out Weeping” was published in the first issue of Shibboleth. An essay of mine about midrash won second in the Elie Wiesel ethics prize.

Dylan Suher

I recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Comparative Literature. I like loud rock music, the Wobblies and Tang dynasty poetry. I find myself continually intrigued by scenes of defecation in novels. This tends to embarrass my family members.

I’ve been known to write music reviews on this blog under the name “The Intern.” You can find book reviews I’ve written here, here and here.


Ben Miller

Though my undergraduate study focused on intellectual history of philosophy and theology, you’ll find that my column for the Yale Daily News explored somewhat more contemporary themes. I spend most of my time reading political blogs, which I find much more interesting than real public service, or playing Shostakovich fugues and Bill Monroe songs.


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