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The Blog Wags the Dog

Once in a while a writer hits an idea so squarely on the head that society unconditionally embraces it. Such is the case with Orwell’s concept of “Newspeak” in 1984. A language autocratically contrived to limit imagination and willpower, Newspeak … Continue reading

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The Glorious Painted Life of New York

New York City may be, as Tony Judt writes, a city in decline. Its artistic and industrial regency has steadily weakened while “the intellectual gangs of New York have folded their knives and gone home to the suburbs,” and though … Continue reading

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How to Wait for the Bus (and Why)

1. Public spaces are the bulwark of every city’s identity. Parks, buses, and sidewalks are home to the quintessential interactions of city life. Anyone from tourists to mayors contending how friendly or dirty or vibrant a city is will most … Continue reading

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Legacy Admissions – A response to Richard Kahlenberg

The Century Foundation’s Richard Kahlenberg has recently published a pair of articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education to promote his new book on legacy admissions at American colleges and universities. Dr. Kahlenberg makes no secret of his beliefs (the … Continue reading

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A Savage Torpor: Southern historical awareness in Get Low

After Dylan’s sojourn into the cinematic world of sado-masochistic dungeons, I’ve been anxiously reminding myself that not all movies feature sexual deviants cavorting in dank, abusive environs. On a recent visit to my family in Tennessee, I saw a film … Continue reading

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How Haiku Will Save Us From Twitter

Raffi’s musings on the creative propensity of language and Dylan’s reflections on Eastern language and literature settled nicely alongside my previous theme of art and emotion to animate a new tangent at the confluence of haiku, cliché, and digital media. … Continue reading

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Music Has Brought Us Together: Evolutionary Musicology?

Raffi’s last post explored the idea of music as text—a Geertzian participant in its cultural context. The Breslovers yearn for their artistic product to find an integrated role in a cultural tradition. As an amateur musician accustomed to performing works from … Continue reading

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