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Legacy Admissions – A response to Richard Kahlenberg

The Century Foundation’s Richard Kahlenberg has recently published a pair of articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education to promote his new book on legacy admissions at American colleges and universities. Dr. Kahlenberg makes no secret of his beliefs (the … Continue reading

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A Savage Torpor: Southern historical awareness in Get Low

After Dylan’s sojourn into the cinematic world of sado-masochistic dungeons, I’ve been anxiously reminding myself that not all movies feature sexual deviants cavorting in dank, abusive environs. On a recent visit to my family in Tennessee, I saw a film … Continue reading

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How to Attack My Religion (and How Not To)

This post is being cross-posted at The Philosopher’s Stone, a fascinating blog which has gone from hosting Robert Paul Wolff’s full autobiography (!) to hosting an interesting discussion on the future of the left. In a recent post on religion, … Continue reading

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Chained to the Screen: Watching Black Mama, White Mama

When I came across the line in Raffi’s piece on Chagaga decrying the women-in-prison genre of film, I said to Raffi, wistfully, “But I love Black Mama, White Mama…” To be honest, I only vaguely remembered liking it; it’s been … Continue reading

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