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Bad Romance: Gaga and the Jews

Being religious, I am always happy to encounter blasphemy; it shows people still care. Katy Perry, apparently, does not agree: she’s been attacking Lady Gaga’s new music video, “Alejandro,” for combining “sex and spirituality.” This beef appears looks like the … Continue reading

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In My Humble Opinion: Douthat and Marx

I don’t care much for nostalgia. I look at the past not with regret that the present doesn’t resemble a past that never existed, but instead with regret that the past did not produce a present that could have existed. … Continue reading

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How Haiku Will Save Us From Twitter

Raffi’s musings on the creative propensity of language and Dylan’s reflections on Eastern language and literature settled nicely alongside my previous theme of art and emotion to animate a new tangent at the confluence of haiku, cliché, and digital media. … Continue reading

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